Coffee import has been paused until further notice after the pandemic. Thanks for understanding.
We import coffee

We import quality coffee beans from responsible local producers. We regularly meet with our suppliers and we know coffee inside out, from seed to cup. We care about the cup quality, as well as the living conditions of its producers.

We source our beans directly from farmers and cooperatives based in coffee regions with the highest potential, whether famous or yet unknown. Thanks to the direct contact, we can control the quality as well as the producers’ needs. We confirm all the key aspects personally in the field before starting trade.

We only buy coffee from local and independent smaller producers, who are able and willing to form long-term and mutually beneficial trade relationships. The suppliers we cooperate with are leading examples of bean quality, ecological agriculture, quality of processing and innovation in their countries and other coffee growing regions.

We don’t turn a blind eye to the threats to our environment. We support ecological projects, initiate new ones and reduce the negative impact of the world of coffee on the environment to the absolute minimum.
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We Humans, an exceptionally successful biological species of the planet Earth that has managed to establish a global culture, an all-embracing civilization, being aware of the danger threatening not only us but also other life systems as a result of the unrestrained re-transformation of Nature by Culture, hereby adopt this Constitution for the Earth, which confirms the identified values, claims and rights of our Mother Planet.
We commit ourselves to protecting the Earth from the selfish expansion of the predation-oriented Culture. We shall enforce by any means its values, claims and rights, which are superior to both human beings and to Culture.

A constitution for the earth

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