The journey from Africa to Your cup

Do you care where your everyday coffee comes from? Where it was grown? Whose hands it went through before it reached your cup?
You probably recognize the barista from your favourite café on the street, maybe you even know their name. But do you know who worked on the beans before they got in the grinder and turned into a cup of filtered coffee or a lovely cappuccino?
The journey of coffee beans has become a breathtaking story of many cafés and roasteries. But the information you usually get on the packaging or a café flyer is just the tip of an iceberg.
Do you know who planted the coffee trees and nurtured them?
How it happened that the coffee beans were picked by the farmers’ hands? How they continued through the processing station to the drying beds, warehouses, mills and shipping containers?
We do. The journey of coffee is tangled and complicated. Beautiful marketing often hides the harsh and unfair reality of the countries where coffee comes from. And we refuse to be part of this system.
Coffee is consumed daily by most people in the developed world. And for tens of countries, coffee production is a key or even the only viable export sector. Changing our approach to coffee trade can thus indeed change the world.
We will only import coffee beans whose origin we are carefully inspected personally.
Thanks to that, we can guarantee that it was not grown in a monoculture and that the coffee trees can continue to grow sustainably for decades to come. This helps us reduce deforestation and promote biodiversity.
We can also ensure that “our” coffees are produced and processed by people who know exactly what they are doing. The quality of the beans they deliver this year will be the same or better the next year, because they have a responsible approach to their job.
And the money you pay for the coffee will flow to accounts of smaller local companies, which will fairly distribute them among all the helping hands involved in the production. They will not end up in the pockets of middlemen or supranational oligarchs, as most of the world’s coffee revenue does.
The first step on our journey will be a trip to our contacts in Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia.
Embark on the journey with us!

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